James Wright



If I had a Mission Statement it would probably be something like:

“to consistently create a learning playground of self-discovery”

My ideal world would be filled with enlightened, kind people feeling fulfilled and complete. A good number of the people I spend a lot of time with, seem to live these ideals and are a joy to be around. They seem to exude calmness, levity and flexibility which are exactly the sort of qualities I look for in people when any sort of crisis pops up. Which is usually a number of times in any given day. A crisis is a crisis precisely because we didn’t see it coming. Otherwise it’s a prediction and there’s likely to be a plan. So to be calm, light and flexible is exactly what is needed to work through the crisis. Reminds me of a story I heard:

In a Catholic Convent one of the sisters burst in to the Mother Superior’s office and blurted out breathlessly, “forgive me Mother Superior, but I thought you should know, it seems we have a case of syphilis in the convent.”

The Mother Superior calmly replied, “A case of Syphilis you say? Well that’s magnificent…I was heartily fed up with that old Beaujolais. Now sit down and tell me more.”

After working with a coach, people have a very different way of looking at supposed ‘crises’.

However, even when the crisis is anticipated, and plans are drawn up, that same spirit is invaluable in carrying out the plan. People can become very rigid sometimes regarding rules, laws and plans. Firmness is one thing; usually a better alternative than rigidity, and always better than aggression or panic.

Since I must confess to being a sucker for acronyms, I have created the “QUIET” philosophy to underpin my outlook and behaviour –  “Questioning, Inspiring, Empowering and Transforming.” I really try to model this philosophy, and all the values I list below, daily – please let me know if you see me do otherwise.

Values I aspire to daily – again, both personally and professionally – are:


• I place health above all else and encourage others to do so

• I aim to hold myself as a role model of positivity, optimism and calm

• I advocate balance between the professional, personal and spiritual aspects of life

• I practice myself what I advocate in others


I maintain high professional and ethical standards

• I am accountable for what I say and do

• My high expectations of myself are consistent with my high expectations of others


My work is meaningful and adds value to the world

• I constantly seek to produce improvements

• I feel passionate and natural in my work

• I acknowledge and celebrate all progressive shifts, breakthroughs and successes in myself and others


My communication is generous and adult

I foster long-term relationships built on trust and respect

I actively promote lightness and fun at every appropriate moment

I carry minimum judgement or personal agenda in my communication

I view the world through kind eyes


• My approach to life is expansive, creative and innovative

• I embrace constructive change

• I extract opportunities from errors

• I subscribe to an abundance mentality

• My watchwords for success – authentic and consistent